Hello everyone who may be reading,we wanted to do something differently, something ongoing to give back to the world the knowledge and wisdom we have come to learn and know. In this series of videos for however long this may go on, will display and show Mine (Ron) and Brianna’s day to day life, including daily activities, conversations, visits with family, trips into public locations, meals and cooking, & more! We want to share our lives behind closed doors, to show those who may need to see how to live stress free, how to live happily, and how to have real and true relationships and interactions. We plan to document our lives each and every day until further notice, providing at least 1 upload per day. Feel free to share or mirror wherever you please. I am not monetizing any videos on this channel or any of my other channels. This is just another of many attempts to give back perpetual health after all of the darkness and death we helped deliver to those around us.
Date Recorded: March 31, 2020
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Written by Ron

I am a 23 year old man, with 12+ years of self-taught experience in All-Things-Tech. I feel it is strongly necessary to bring attention to what has been suppressed from the mass population worldwide for generations. Knowledge of Self, Knowledge of Reality, and the bits & pieces of awareness in between that can truly help others tie things together to find their disconnected soul and inner tranquility so that we may heal, live in peace, and potentially build a heavenly future for all life.

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