Until you are fully aware of your own energies and how they work, you do not know what it truly means to be alive. We are a programmable species, able to be manipulated. This occulted (hidden & suppressed) knowledge of self has been well discovered, used, and considered throughout history. It has been used to manifest the current conditions of humanity. Only when we all realize our own suffering and the root problems of it, can we truly address and fix it. Understand Natural Law, the only true immutable law that governs us all inside out. We are here to save ourselves, there is no outside savior.

Written by Ron

I am a 23 year old man, with 12+ years of self-taught experience in All-Things-Tech. I feel it is strongly necessary to bring attention to what has been suppressed from the mass population worldwide for generations. Knowledge of Self, Knowledge of Reality, and the bits & pieces of awareness in between that can truly help others tie things together to find their disconnected soul and inner tranquility so that we may heal, live in peace, and potentially build a heavenly future for all life.

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