They've Played Us

A modified version of a post I wrote last year...
All chemical based pharmaceuticals are harmful to your health, and are only designed to mask the symptoms of your root health problems and causes.

The ones who own the pharmaceutical and health industry + everything else do not want you to know yourself. That’s why they poison you in the specific ways that they do, ingredients used purposefully to achieve their desired effect (a disconnected robotic shell of a human being with no depth who will accept, believe and repeat what they are taught without any consideration or discernment for themselves because they cannot think clearly if at all (ref Fluoride toxicity in the brain, calcifies the pineal gland which connects your brain hemispheres together. Ref vaccines containing heavy metals and neurotoxins, microwaves emitted from cell towers and your smart devices open the blood brain barrier, and allow those toxins and metals to seep in to your brain. Ref Microwave Radiation again the towers and devices constantly emitting powerful microwave frequencies that have been proven to cause organ failure, (brain is an organ) Brain + Metal + Microwave = uh oh)

These chemicals and metals are also sprayed in the air and are in our food and water. 99% of what is on the shelves at the supermarket is chemical based refined/processed/genetically modified fake food that has also been proven to be the leading cause of chronic sickness and heart failure;diet.

Unless you are eating a Plant based holistic diet, you are causing internal harm. Red meat is heavily linked to clogged arteries, high cholesterol, heart disease, liver disease, and obesity (swelling of the body, very big sign of sickness) The proteins and enzymes found in dairy products are known and proven carcinogens. This does not include the processing and refining and bleaching that goes into these products before they hit the shelves.
Where do you think the animals are getting the nutrients from that grow them big and strong? The plants. Why would you desire to consume passed down protein by eating the decaying flesh of another life that causes sickness? I know why. The belief that eating other sentient life is okay and / or moral and justified for reasons. That belief alone is what has most of society running around eating the flesh of other life like cannibals, and many worship it.
The “Normal-Natural-Necessary” propaganda is only that, propaganda by the Big Farms who get huge amounts of wealth for perpetuating this type of disgust. Money from who? You know it.. same corrupt evil snake entities.
You are what you eat.

Most of us have been poisoned since birth and from then on, and NEVER EVER had the opportunity to know and feel what it felt like to be a fully connected healthy human being. I know that I didn’t.... until I did.
These corrupt individuals and corporations have their strings in all major companies that put out any type of information that reaches the general population of the world, we are only exposed and told what they want to tell us, and it’s accepted. These sick individuals /entities own the tech giants (google Microsoft Facebook twitter etc) they own the big media (FOX CNN NBC MSN) They own the banks (Not in just the United States but all over the world, these people own the government reserves in nearly every country.) They own the schools and colleges, they are in complete control of what is put into the textbook, teachers and professors just repeat this information, more often than not just as disconnected as the rest of society touting an ego with their piece of paper saying they accomplished being further indoctrinated and brainwashed.

Goes back into the doctors, who are taught in the health colleges and repeat the bullshit about chemical based health that they were taught in those schools that are owned and funded by the ones who are the SICKEST PEOPLE YOU CAN IMAGINE. Doctors do not know ANYTHING about real health and nutrition, they only know how to repeat what they have been taught like the rest of society.. toting around a PhD with their ego like they have accompished something while they continue to avoid looking at the damage they are doing and stay silent out of fear of losing a paycheck. Do not be the last actor on the game board.

Those who can see, can see clearly the individuals who do not know themselves, they are extremely shallow and have little to no understanding of themselves yet alone what is really going on in the world.
Government comes from the latin verb gubernare: “to control” and the Latin noun mens: “mind”
“To control mind”:”Mind Control”

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