There's an issue, Fixing it starts with You

A broken society that knows it's broken. Each individual has to go inside and heal their own brokenness before they can heal outside brokenness. WE ALL MUST UNDERSTAND WE ARE BEING DECEIVED ON THE DEEPEST LEVELS IMAGINABLE You will not gain any proper understanding of life from looking at what's been presented to us, therefor you must gain that knowledge from yourself (from your past experiences, and what you truly know to be real, and not something you believe) Beliefs are not your friend. Most individuals reality are based solely on beliefs, and not knowing anything. Completely driven by outside ideology. Understand that all beliefs are something that you do not KNOW, which is why you BELIEVE. Lots of beliefs have been indoctrinated into us from the start and presented as TRUTH. By believing in this system of lies, suffering, fear, and greed. You become it, unknowingly and only because you cannot see it for what it is. You will not learn the true meaning behind right and wrong behavior from it or anyone in it. You will only learn Truth inside your heart and spirit. I'd say to anyone who isn't spreading this kind of information to the people they have influence over (family, friends, co workers, employees, etc) ESPECIALLY if you can see these things clearly. I can't fathom what may happen to Spirits who A: Never figure out the deeper parts to life. Or B: Understand the deeper parts to life, and do not spread your knowledge to your brothers and sisters AND/OR do not use this Knowledge to attempt to end the current enslavement in a world so greatly deceived. I can't imagine anything good. Observe your present moment, inside out. Observe your thoughts and feelings. We can all get on the same page of what's going on. Honestly, and I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, but pointing out the truth. If you have joined the Military, you are in fact NOT fighting/serving for protection of our people, but the opposite. You are serving the same system that enslaved us all, and you do their dirty work. Active Enforcers of them. If you have joined the Police Force, you are in fact NOT fighting for protection of our people, but the opposite. You are actively oppressing the same people you are supposed to be protecting. Serving the same system that enslaves us all. If you are running a business/corporation or multiple, and you are profiting off the labor of others who have less than you, often never even enough to live, you are perpetuating the same enslavement over everyone else for your own personal benefit and greed. Lots of people are just trying to live, If you are one who's actively benefiting off of / enforcing the suffering of the population, you are in the wrong, and I'd strongly suggest stepping back and looking at yourselves and reality again. you have been fooled, Some of you are very influential and can bring great change upon the earth. More and more Eyes are opening. Things are really this real, and things will not go well if we don't start talking openly and honestly from what we really know inside. How else do we manifest change? (Rhetorical Question) All the lies, beliefs, and Egos need to come down.

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