Temple Exploration

below is a comment I wrote elsewhere two days after posting this conversation, I felt it would fit here too

The real epidemic and virus in the world is fear, contradiction, and confusion. That is how the blind have controlled and led the blind, and the blind have yet to realize their own equal authority as a man or woman under the Most High.
That is how control is maintained and increased, belief in the authority of lies, costumes, and labels of the ego driven game of snakes that control the mind of far too many...keeping their Heart and Soul still locked in the ice of indoctrinated and chemically/ electromagnetically induced and maintained hypnosis.
I have faith the most High will help each break their imaginary dark external bonds as they search through the trauma in their own heart to connect to that most humbling place of Inner peace and unity...where the only fear is of God, not of this world...
I apologize if this seems directed at anyone, as I kind of just got to sharing thoughts and feelings based on all that's happening, relating to my own experiences the last few years... feels like more should share while they can.?
Much Care All

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