70 Nation Ritual, Blowing the Trumpet

Those that work darkness equate silence with consent. As long as the masses don't realize, they don't know to speak up; all by design. Find what is right and True inside, align perception and behavior, come to spiritual life, help.
Thank you for listening.
Much Care

To U.S. Forces, Iran, all sides

I hope the message came though. I would like to add that a Man or Womans relationship is between them and the Creator, and Morally binding (no paperwork involved), don't let the snakes mislead you as they did me. Evil is getting you (as it did me) to play out it's version of Armageddon, you can stop it by stopping. Feel free to share. Much Care Folks

To Those That Would Protect and Defend - Life

This could be very hard to hear and consider for some. It was hard for me to get to a place where I could convey it . This is only an attempt to help others learn from my mistakes. Feel free to share and/or reupload.