Spell Breaker

A short poem that came to me, and an explanation to try and provide depth and context.
Each individual will have to recognize and break the spells they are under, if we are to collectively stop the current destruction.

Belief based on the appeal to consensus and/or appeal to authority logical fallacies are the spells to be broken within to Individualize and Know Thyself.
Those spells are broken by coming to know things rather than believe. They are also broken by coming to know that one cannot know certain things, and not to blindly believe something to fill that gap.

Feel free to share, much Care to you.

Out of Words

A poem about us and them, about you and I, about what it has all been about all along.
(as deeply as I can convey anyway, I hope it can felt to a similar depth in whomever may listen)

Thank you for listening, feel free to share.

Inner Awareness Manifestation - To Reach Unified Equilibrium

Three winters ago I was in a failed state of physical and mental health... with a Soul that had been unknowingly cutoff. Cancer, Insanity, Depression, the list is long. During those painful weeks of contemplation something extraordinary/ terrifying unexpectedly occurred. I "woke" up. This compilation of words is a result of that process. Now stitched together to tell a more coherent tale.

Poem of the Realm

These are a combination of images found throughout the internet to put a bit of picture to word. The words and ideas expressed are my own, and not linked to the images or their creators. This is the first in a series of poems I wrote as a kind presentation on reality, society, the mind, body, spirit, and Soul. This single poem will be followed with all rest of my poems in one long story, or so I hope. Thank you for listening, feel free to share

Judgment Call

Words of Judgment, are not mine to write. As I wielded the Sword, before I Knew the Light. When I did Feel, what I had Seen... I saw all were fighting for Others Greed. A vast system, of Mind Control... Built on taught beLIEfs from disconnected Souls. To blindly beLIEve, but not Truly Know, will not allow the Soul to grow. Conscious Consciousness, Reason, Care... That is where Souls Brilliance Flares! One Mind, One Body, One Soul, One Heart. Yours Alone, to set You apart. Deceptive Language controls the "herd", every False beLIEf is a "Trigger Word". Race...Religion...Government Division, taught by "academics" with Programmed Visions. This is the Reality, I can clearly See. Suppression of Consciousness, to control You and Me. I will not judge those still enspelled, as I once existed, in that same Hell. I can only try, as my small part. To help those cut off, regain their Heart. From the Heart, resonates the Soul. They must connect for You to Know. You cannot Know, until You Feel. That is how to Truly Heal. A painful process, to Know ThySelf... worth an Infinite amount of Spiritual wealth. When we won't be sold, won't be bought, we will weep over reasons fought. When we won't be Fooled, won't be Ruled, we will all start growing our own food. Plenty for All, when do Care. Makes it obvious, who's Soul is bare. For in that Soul, blooms no Tree... but a black hole, of Vampiric Energy. Hear Ye All, this "Judgement Call". You Judge You, and Save Us All. Feel Ye All, this "Judgement Call". As Rome and Babylon again will Fall. Moral Truth, is the Key Inside. Feeling Rights and Wrongs of Past gone by. With True Reason, Fully Gained, refuse to play the Slavery Games. Do not Judge, those that Play. We were tricked from Birth...that very day. Do not fight their Unconscious Walls, simply point them to this "Judgment Call".