Spell Breaker

A short poem that came to me, and an explanation to try and provide depth and context.Each individual will have to recognize and break the spells they are under, if we are to collectively stop the current destruction. Belief based on the appeal to consensus and/or appeal to authority logical…continue reading →

Out of Words

A poem about us and them, about you and I, about what it has all been about all along.(as deeply as I can convey anyway, I hope it can felt to a similar depth in whomever may listen) Thank you for listening, feel free to share.continue reading →

Poem of the Realm

These are a combination of images found throughout the internet to put a bit of picture to word. The words and ideas expressed are my own, and not linked to the images or their creators. This is the first in a series of poems I wrote as a kind presentation…continue reading →

Judgment Call

Words of Judgment, are not mine to write. As I wielded the Sword, before I Knew the Light. When I did Feel, what I had Seen... I saw all were fighting for Others Greed. A vast system, of Mind Control... Built on taught beLIEfs from disconnected Souls. To blindly beLIEve,…continue reading →