Ass - A Shitty System

The title does not reflect the content, or it's depth...or does it?
I first thought to name this "Quotes from the Past", or "Quotes from the Past, Needs of the Present", then a sort of passive/ aggressive type of idea came to me, that was neither passive, nor aggressive. Why not name it based on what the messages are directed toward?
I figured why not call it Ass, with a snapshot from the movie "Idiocracy", as the title and picture might bring those that need to hear a different message the most. As I once needed, but did not hear until it was almost too late.

For any with the ability to hear this, thank you for listening.
Feel free to share.

Money Magic

The enslavement alchemy of endless belief systems that all connect into one big picture. 20/20 Insight for 20/20 Hindsight to gain 20/20 Foresight. That Inner Work is the responsibility of every Living Soul. The "Narrow Path" is the the path of Knowing, Feeling, and Acting in Morality.

Lex Non Scripta

Geoengineering - Weather Modification and Manipulation

Temperatures put out by network sources are often incorrect and manipulated to make folks think things are "normal"... as is done with most information, in most mediums, in most media.

Vaccine Anti Propaganda

If you only have belief one way or the other on Vaccines, please listen. If you think Vaccines are meant to improve health, please listen. If you think anyone has the "right" to produce and distribute poison, please hear this. (Please don't be "triggered" into ignoring what needs to be Known, to protect a destructive taught beLIEf.) Much Care Please Share

When Does Life Begin?

I say a lot of things about a lot of topics here, all for the same overarching message.

If this was about UFOs, it might get views.

It's about mind control, reality, slavery, and the division of this "Idiocracy" we call Society... likely things that folks fear to consider? so it likely won't, but who knows. I do hope that the simple consideration of Right and Wrong, and the Moral and Immoral, become a focus of everyone. Living, breathing, feeling, reasoning, empathic, and wise Men and Women will fix all of these problems as each of us become that Man or Woman. Feel free to share.