The Great Reset, Repeat, Rerun

Words of yesteryear and months past from the videos; "Enough is Enough", "Where Are We, What's Happening, What's Coming", and "to whom it may concern". Imagery from multiple other past videos on this channel.

While this video is a repeat, and rerun of past combined content, I feel it is very relevant to the ongoing collapse, reordering, and physical, psychological, chemical, biological, electromagnetic, and Spiritual warfare operations currently happening across the world. It is up to each to become aware, and with enough awareness the harm can stop with simple nonviolent, non-participation, and clear communication...though I realize that communication requires an open mind and heart of the one that hears, and many are far from that ability. Those are the most lost (as I was for decades), and I wish for their mind and heart to come to recognize at least a glimpse of the light of life within them for their sake, and the sake of all being harmed due to the regretful actions they unthinkingly carry out.

May each find them self within, and the most High throughout. Much care to you that happen to find this; please look into things for yourself, as I only have the answers I think and feel I have, and I very well could be wrong on some things. Thank you for listening/ reading. Please feel free to share

i don't know

to whom it may concern

this is me speaking about a lot things I see and feel, with no mask of any kind, for any that want to hear

Nowadaze (Music Video)

Beat produced by ONE

Inward to Answers

This is a combination of a song called -Answers (feb 2020) by my son Ron, and some words from one of my past videos called -A Plea to Rise...(sept 2018)
Link to Answers on Ron's Reconciliation YouTube channel

Good Day

Small talk on my way home from slavery, I wish everyone a great day today, and everyday, in hopes someday the paradigm of living will change for all of us.

Please Remember

The audio here is edited portions of two past videos (3 Lies, 2 Choices, 1 Outcome, and 43 Years- What I Know Now), the video is from multiple other past videos.
thank you for listening, feel free to share

Shadow Work to Born Again

Slightly edited (shortened) audio from an old video, set to images of multiple past videos.
I hope something here can help someone somewhere.

Thank you for listening, considering, and/or sharing as you choose.

Know Thyself (feat. Treyzis) (Music Video)

Beat produced by Unknown Instrumentalz
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Please Know

Please know that the words I sat, wrote, and spoke are my own, the imagery is from the work of others I downloaded in the past. The video clips were added after for visual appeal and are not a reflection or endorsement of the message spoken.