Some of the things mentioned include: corona virus, vaccines, electromagnetic frequencies, government, religion, psychology, propaganda, weather manipulation, […]
#IndependenceDay -the physical manifestation of the psychosis known as “Stockholm Syndrome” in the form of celebration. (my […]
As I see it, the way to do this correctly is for the “pyramid” to crumble from […]
*Warning: Strong Language* Just wanted to share some thoughts on government, and hopefully shed some light on […]
Picks up fast, and goes deep. The Path to the Way? Actors playing “End Times” story time? […]
Just some words that have been bouncing around in my head that will do more good being […]
If you only have belief one way or the other on Vaccines, please listen. If you think […]
This could be very hard to hear and consider for some. It was hard for me to […]
It’s about mind control, reality, slavery, and the division of this “Idiocracy” we call Society… likely things […]
Words of Judgment, are not mine to write. As I wielded the Sword, before I Knew the […]