Where Are We, What's Happening, What's Coming?

Some of the things mentioned include: corona virus, vaccines, electromagnetic frequencies, government, religion, psychology, propaganda, weather manipulation, metal particulate, military, law, labels, mind control, morality, and the most High.
We are both only sharing our perspectives. Each has their own unique collection of experiences that may or may not be relatable to what is shared here. I hope something of value can be found within to repay the listeners time and attention.
Thank you for listening, feel free to share.
Rachaels Blog

July 4th Message

#IndependenceDay -the physical manifestation of the psychosis known as "Stockholm Syndrome" in the form of celebration. (my own current definition is much different than the one I was indoctrinated with) #Morality = #Freedom Just talking a bit about the state of in-dependence we currently live in. Also a bit about the massive amount of belief deception, addiction, and Psyops that maintain a state of base Consciousness instead of Higher Conscience. Past, present, future, time, space, reality, morality, physical, metaphysical, trauma, thought, emotion, action, behavior, and the rest can all be reflected on until understood and brought into alignment within. Morality and Repentance are the "shortcut" into ones own state of "higher self", Heart Consciousness, Soul, "rebirth", and/or reconnection. Perceive it as you will, the labels are unimportant, and not to be used as a tool for indoctrination (which has, and is, being done to perpetuate our collective slavery) To change things, simply change. Realize that simple change can take a lot of effort and willpower. It is worth every bit and more. Thank you for listening, feel free to share.

To Stop the "Endtimes"

As I see it, the way to do this correctly is for the "pyramid" to crumble from the bottom, up. This happens by each of us that work for any part of the "system" stopping and finding the distinct difference between legality and Morality, and inform others that they are engaged in harmful behavior. For example:

(it happened to me as well, and I found that we each indeed have to power to Right things, it takes only ones Free Will) When those that would rule no longer have the worship of Living Men and Women, they will be forced to face themselves. Consider that they may have been even greater deceived than others. The judgement they will have to face within, or after, is all that is required...as I Feel it is for each of us. It feels to me like we fix it all at the same time by fixing our Hearts on Morality and Mind on Care. Thank you for listening, reading, and/or sharing.

We Need Help

*Warning: Strong Language* Just wanted to share some thoughts on government, and hopefully shed some light on the levels that the deception stems from. We need more help spreading the heavily suppressed Truth. We need more Beacons of Light if any of us are going to expect anything to change. Things will not change by just sitting around and expecting them to change themselves on their own. If you can see things that others cannot, you have the potential to make Great change in this realm, and by holding back with spreading real knowledge to less fortunate beings, you would be aiding in the perpetual suffering by remaining silent.

A Preemptive Message - My Best Advice

Picks up fast, and goes deep. The Path to the Way? Actors playing "End Times" story time? 5 W's of Soul. Teachings that are Moral vs Immoral at there Core, and their effect on the Core of the Man, Woman, Child. Please Consider, Care, and Share if you Feel this.

WTF - Late Night Talk

Just some words that have been bouncing around in my head that will do more good being out and public.

Vaccine Anti Propaganda

If you only have belief one way or the other on Vaccines, please listen. If you think Vaccines are meant to improve health, please listen. If you think anyone has the "right" to produce and distribute poison, please hear this. (Please don't be "triggered" into ignoring what needs to be Known, to protect a destructive taught beLIEf.) Much Care Please Share

To Those That Would Protect and Defend - Life

This could be very hard to hear and consider for some. It was hard for me to get to a place where I could convey it . This is only an attempt to help others learn from my mistakes. Feel free to share and/or reupload.

If this was about UFOs, it might get views.

It's about mind control, reality, slavery, and the division of this "Idiocracy" we call Society... likely things that folks fear to consider? so it likely won't, but who knows. I do hope that the simple consideration of Right and Wrong, and the Moral and Immoral, become a focus of everyone. Living, breathing, feeling, reasoning, empathic, and wise Men and Women will fix all of these problems as each of us become that Man or Woman. Feel free to share.

Judgment Call

Words of Judgment, are not mine to write. As I wielded the Sword, before I Knew the Light. When I did Feel, what I had Seen... I saw all were fighting for Others Greed. A vast system, of Mind Control... Built on taught beLIEfs from disconnected Souls. To blindly beLIEve, but not Truly Know, will not allow the Soul to grow. Conscious Consciousness, Reason, Care... That is where Souls Brilliance Flares! One Mind, One Body, One Soul, One Heart. Yours Alone, to set You apart. Deceptive Language controls the "herd", every False beLIEf is a "Trigger Word". Race...Religion...Government Division, taught by "academics" with Programmed Visions. This is the Reality, I can clearly See. Suppression of Consciousness, to control You and Me. I will not judge those still enspelled, as I once existed, in that same Hell. I can only try, as my small part. To help those cut off, regain their Heart. From the Heart, resonates the Soul. They must connect for You to Know. You cannot Know, until You Feel. That is how to Truly Heal. A painful process, to Know ThySelf... worth an Infinite amount of Spiritual wealth. When we won't be sold, won't be bought, we will weep over reasons fought. When we won't be Fooled, won't be Ruled, we will all start growing our own food. Plenty for All, when do Care. Makes it obvious, who's Soul is bare. For in that Soul, blooms no Tree... but a black hole, of Vampiric Energy. Hear Ye All, this "Judgement Call". You Judge You, and Save Us All. Feel Ye All, this "Judgement Call". As Rome and Babylon again will Fall. Moral Truth, is the Key Inside. Feeling Rights and Wrongs of Past gone by. With True Reason, Fully Gained, refuse to play the Slavery Games. Do not Judge, those that Play. We were tricked from Birth...that very day. Do not fight their Unconscious Walls, simply point them to this "Judgment Call".