Current Events, Don't Panic - Please Watch

The coronavirus is a hoax & psychological warfare operation just like any other sickness. ALL sickness and disease as we have been taught is incorrect, all sickness is a result of being poisoned. I know this, I stopped getting sick when I stopped consuming all of the poisons I could control.

They want us to stay home and disconnect from each other. They want us to fear each other and fight each other, they want to cause chaos among us. The system is going to come down, understand that, whether it goes smoothly or rough, it's inevitable. That's been my message all along, is that we have been tricked, and this has happened time and time again, it's the same type of fear propaganda as 9/11

Do not allow them to take your guns.
Do not allow them to force injections on you or your children
Please, realize who and what you have been serving, do not lock down our streets, do not enforce what is to come... For the sake of all of us.
prepare to undergo a paradigm change.

Not Magic - Magnetism, Nature vs Atomism

Please look into everything you still only believe to be true, the generational lies have to be overcome by each inside.
We are each responsible for our own learning and knowing, each responsible to constantly distill what we know, into wisdom. At the same time, being absolutely aware of what we don't, or can't know, to the best of our ability.

For me, I say that I lived the "beast" mentality, as I was taught, for 39 years. I have processed the lies, and my part in them, to the very depth of my Soul. I will also say, it wasn't of my choosing, it was the absolute crushing Judgment of God, so to speak, and then, the allowance to move forward.
Maybe only to try and convey to others, that for the sake of their infinite Soul, they should maybe face "Judgment" now, inwardly, and change. I don't know how it works after death, but I wouldn't want to show up without the ability to fully answer for myself.

Theoria Apophasis: Magnetism Lecture

Thank you for listening, reading, watching... considering?
Much Care