A Work in Progress

This combination is from late 2016 to now, please be aware that some of the language in parts of this are offensive, crude, and childish (especially in the earliest clips). It was back then that I had realized my mind had been on #lockdown from all of the poisons I…continue reading →

They’ve Played Us

A modified version of a post I wrote last year...All chemical based pharmaceuticals are harmful to your health, and are only designed to mask the symptoms of your root health problems and causes. The ones who own the pharmaceutical and health industry + everything else do not want you to…continue reading →

Where Are We, What’s Happening, What’s Coming?

Some of the things mentioned include: corona virus, vaccines, electromagnetic frequencies, government, religion, psychology, propaganda, weather manipulation, metal particulate, military, law, labels, mind control, morality, and the most High.We are both only sharing our perspectives. Each has their own unique collection of experiences that may or may not be relatable…continue reading →
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