Livestreamed on April 9th, 2020
This combination is from late 2016 to now, please be aware that some of the language in […]
Beat produced by WizzBeatz
(Please be aware that an old photo depicting the result of violence is briefly displayed at some […]
A modified version of a post I wrote last year…All chemical based pharmaceuticals are harmful to your […]
Is the “secret of secrets” contained within, or is this just a clever way to title what […]
The coronavirus is a hoax & psychological warfare operation just like any other sickness. ALL sickness and […]
In this video, I scroll through some of the recent images and posts I have shared on […]
In this we talk about events from the last few days. We talk about illness in the […]
Some of the things mentioned include: corona virus, vaccines, electromagnetic frequencies, government, religion, psychology, propaganda, weather manipulation, […]