43 Years - What I Know Now

very moment, of every day and night, there is a constant battle being waged for each heart, mind, and Soul. I know that until I truly realized that within, I was losing badly.
My intent here was to simply start recording and speaking about the depth of it all, while reflecting on my own 43 years in this life. I had no plan as what or how to say this, so I do hope that I was able to convey something helpful.
Whether or not I am agreed with in what I said, I appreciate the gift of your time and attention in listening to what I felt I needed to say.

Feel free to share.

July 4th Message

#IndependenceDay -the physical manifestation of the psychosis known as "Stockholm Syndrome" in the form of celebration. (my own current definition is much different than the one I was indoctrinated with) #Morality = #Freedom Just talking a bit about the state of in-dependence we currently live in. Also a bit about the massive amount of belief deception, addiction, and Psyops that maintain a state of base Consciousness instead of Higher Conscience. Past, present, future, time, space, reality, morality, physical, metaphysical, trauma, thought, emotion, action, behavior, and the rest can all be reflected on until understood and brought into alignment within. Morality and Repentance are the "shortcut" into ones own state of "higher self", Heart Consciousness, Soul, "rebirth", and/or reconnection. Perceive it as you will, the labels are unimportant, and not to be used as a tool for indoctrination (which has, and is, being done to perpetuate our collective slavery) To change things, simply change. Realize that simple change can take a lot of effort and willpower. It is worth every bit and more. Thank you for listening, feel free to share.

Right vs. Wrong

A ramble of me discussing the difference between Right & Wrong, Thoughts & Behavior, while also touching on the vaccine issue again, Morality, Natural Law, and the same mainstreamed normalized mind control system that controls the minds of most folks on Earth.

To U.S. Forces, Iran, all sides

I hope the message came though. I would like to add that a Man or Womans relationship is between them and the Creator, and Morally binding (no paperwork involved), don't let the snakes mislead you as they did me. Evil is getting you (as it did me) to play out it's version of Armageddon, you can stop it by stopping. Feel free to share. Much Care Folks

Aligning the Stars, Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Life

To serve as a reflective map of sorts. Feel free to mirror. Feel free to share. Thank you for listening.

Psychology, Warrior Class, Symbolism

If I were to be made to disappear, it will be due to my words being a threat to a belief system, rather than me being a threat to anyone within those systems. I know that is known by more than just me, and that is good. The best advice I can give is only what I have come to know to be true within. When we all have our fully ability to control ourselves, we will collectively weep for the control we were taught to exert on others. Thanks for listening. Share if you like.

In Memorial of Belief

We are living the purposeful planned destruction, and remodeling of a Society that was created to be ignorant of empathy and Soul. It will continue to worsen until all take responsibility to gain their own awareness; and actively change to a path of Wisdom and Morality.

If this was about UFOs, it might get views.

It's about mind control, reality, slavery, and the division of this "Idiocracy" we call Society... likely things that folks fear to consider? so it likely won't, but who knows. I do hope that the simple consideration of Right and Wrong, and the Moral and Immoral, become a focus of everyone. Living, breathing, feeling, reasoning, empathic, and wise Men and Women will fix all of these problems as each of us become that Man or Woman. Feel free to share.

The Voting Devotional

A thought I had that I figured I would explore as it comes. I don't know where I may end up as I speak, but it will merely be my own thoughts, feelings, and perspective being shared. Be aware, I will likely talk about intertwined beliefs of control from a physical/meta-physical (or Mind, Body, Soul) standpoint. I have no planned speech or presentation, so who knows. My intent is not to attack, confuse, misdirect, or gain. I only try to find the right combination of words to help.