very moment, of every day and night, there is a constant battle being waged for each heart, […]
#IndependenceDay -the physical manifestation of the psychosis known as “Stockholm Syndrome” in the form of celebration. (my […]
A ramble of me discussing the difference between Right & Wrong, Thoughts & Behavior, while also touching […]
I hope the message came though. I would like to add that a Man or Womans relationship […]
To serve as a reflective map of sorts. Feel free to mirror. Feel free to share. Thank […]
If I were to be made to disappear, it will be due to my words being a […]
We are living the purposeful planned destruction, and remodeling of a Society that was created to be […]
It’s about mind control, reality, slavery, and the division of this “Idiocracy” we call Society… likely things […]
A thought I had that I figured I would explore as it comes. I don’t know where […]