Solstice, Christmas, Revelation

At this point I feel it is accurate to say that we are living "the grand delusion", and were born into it. The picture of reality seems too vast and deep to see simplistically when living a toxic and compartmentalized version of it (was for me anyway for 39 years). Each have to break out of the mental and spiritual traps, nobody can do it for them, though we can each try point the way.

Every system of man that we are taught to live under is functioning exactly as was intended and designed, now it is being collapsed and consolidated, by design.
The problem is, the folks within the compartmentalized system can't see it for what it is until they break the compartmentalization of their perception and psyche (I experienced that very thing...).

The physical and cognitive health of most populations have been continuously and increasingly damaged by toxic "food", "drink", "medicine", and the ionizing and non ionizing radiation of virtually every frequency emitting device and antenna. This is purposeful and needs to be known.

No man or woman can confer magical powers of authority to themselves, nor others...that is simply a trick of the ego, and is a costume rather than a moral man or woman.
Everyone needs to become fully aware and responsible, and stop following the costumed pied pipers. Man and woman have the collective ability to simply stop all harmful action to themselves and each other, all at once. Let it be soon...
A moral heart of Conscience and Spirit come not from book or label, nor do Rights come from paper or man...a mind in equilibrium Knows the Truth in this, and the Conscience of Heart and Soul Feels it.

Much Care All, as we need all to care.

How many realize that money is just a belief that causes a false exchange of Energy, or slavery, based on usery? That can be known and stopped, when enough know rather than believe.