Biological Warfare on US the Population

I say "US" in title as in "All of us", we that live within any of the "borders" drawn in the massive "divide and conquer game" that seems to have been running for generations. This is one very specific example that can hopefully bring down the web false beLIEf that keeps the population from not Knowing. Links to go further: Video from Never Lose Truth on weather manipulation 5G Weapon Grid Danger Vaccine Poison ...still only scratches the surface. Please Share

Grand Solar Minimum or Global Warming? Something else.

Northern Michigan, 33 degree Ambient temp, supposedly rising for a few more hours to 36 degrees. These chemical compounds work by endothermiclly drawing in surrounding heat as it gets colder. This is what allows "snow", "hail", and giant destructive hail to be formed Unnaturally, quickly, and in target areas of choice. (How many fields of crops have been destroyed by "freak" hail in all countries last year?... I don't know either, but a lot.)

The Fall... Does This Reasoning Follow?

These are pictures from today for a comparison to what it looked like just 6 days ago (The earlier Fall video). To me, the Unnaturally created weather is all too obvious, in it's many varied forms. I forgot to mention, we had the first bit of chemical "snow flakes and balls" yesterday too...and of course the ambient temperature was ABOVE freezing. I was too disgusted to take a picture of that yesterday. we are. Though I always keep in mind and heart that I could be wrong. Take Care Folks Stay/Get Healthy in Mind, Body, and Soul