Society of Energetic Vampires

Seems to me that more folks would be quickly reconsidering their definition of Natural by now. Maybe more are and I just can't feel it... Hope so. There is no such thing as authority, I don't care what piece of paper or story it comes from, not "man's authority over other man" type of "authority" anyway. Rights do not come from a piece of paper. -I have the Right to take any action at any time throughout the course of my Life that does Not Cause Harm to other Life. We were All born with was instantly stripped by the established slave system and we were taught to believe in our captors. Realize and Internalize that Right of Life that Belongs to You, as that Belongs to All Equally. -I do Not have the Right to take any action that causes Harm to Other Life. (Unless I am Forced to Actively Defend Myself From an Outside, Uninvited Threat.) No system, belief, or justification exists to make it Right. The Consequences of our Past, Present, and Future are Ours to Live with, alone. It takes the healing of painful acceptance inside of a Life of brainwashing tricks, to find the Internal Spark of Infinite Spirit that Now Knows and will Stand and Speak for the Truth. The Truth that we are All Brothers and Sisters of the same Creator, and we have been made into an Energetically Vampiric Society that feeds on its self, while being Fed on by Greater Darkness. I Feel like One of very few trying to get Individuals to actually and Truly realize and Know their own Divine Energy, their "Higher Self", their Soul. I am trying to tell the other 7.6 Billion, all at once... it has yet to work. I need more help. We need help. Everyone has to Truly Know Themselves so they can Truly Live, and Truly Help. Please Know and Feel Natural Law (Non Aggression Principle, Protection and Care in Line with Nature and "God") That is the Fastest Way to Expand the Consciousness and Empathy to almost infinite Knowing and Seeing of Deception. That is how You can make a Profound difference for Good in this World. When you Know, you can help Teach, as We All continue to Learn and Grow...Together. Much Care, Ron.

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