Novel Corona Virus

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There's not much reason to put faith in what's presented after realizing water doesn't curve around the outside and stick to a sphere, the curvature geometry of the earth cannot be observed or measured, and we aren't spinning... that's just the surface, so to speak.
They (news, experts, professionals, etc.) only present open narratives of fear and destruction with no, or twisted explanation of what is happening.

When an atmosphere cannot exist next to a vaccum, it might mean we are enclosed... with all of these poisons being mass produced, consumed, sprayed, and injested... it shows that this is all about much more than any specific area or issue of divisiveness presented by any of "the system", and those under its spell.

All the while we are being cooked, irritated, and manipulated with weaponized frequencies propagating disruptive and destructive vibrations throughout the Aether (the "medium" that earth, air, fire, water manifest from in dielectric/magnetic form).
It is a pyramid of illusory, external, hierarchical belief that keeps each a slave to a game of control designed and manipulated by other men and women, and each can refuse to play as soon as their Heart feels that knowing, and the mind comprehends the vast simplicity.
I have faith that the darkness will not go on as the tricksters have planned and carried out for so long.
How can it in a place not of their creation? I guess we'll see.
Much Care

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