Look Up & Look In

To me, all harmful issues we face as a species distill down to belief based on immorality, over knowledge of Morality and truth. Other issues include, but not limited to:

  • Master / Slave Mentality
  • Self Worship / Other Worship
  • Technology used to irritate, manipulate, surveil, and subjugate
  • Harmful chemicals, metals, preservatives, and more, in processed food, drink, soaps, makeup, etc
  • Fossil Fuel Hoax
  • Constant false threats and continued Wars of Aggression
  • Depopulation, destruction, and "reordering" of society according to Agenda 21/2030
  • The institution of a "New Order" based on the Talmudic Noahide laws to rule the "soulless goyim" or "the not Jewish folk"
  • 24/7 Trauma based programming from all networks, shows, movies, games, and media

I grew up blindly believing most things, it was my responsibility to fix myself, I only wish I could have realized decades ago. I hope each can turn themselves around inside soon, the hearts moral Compass is Key, and there doesn't seem to be much time. Thanks for listening/ sharing.