Know, Feel & Live Truth

I am so tired of this ridiculous, childish, evil, system of mind controlling and controlled Slaves and Enslavers. When the Individuals making up these Systems decide to Truly become Adults in Mind, Body, and Spirit, and Feel it all, they will stop being controlled Children. It took me 39 years. I wonder how long it will take for the rest?... Not long I hope, as it seems we are out of the false construct of "Time" we were taught. Folk are quick to judge nowadays, especially judge those that don't view this shared experience with an exact matching perception of false belief... It's unfortunate, what society has been unknowingly made to be. Made to be unknowingly used as slaves. Knowing, Feeling, Living and Sharing Truth will save us all. I am convinced, as that very thing saved me three years ago. Please get involved Folks, I need help, we need help, the Truth needs help to be known, felt, and communicated. Please feel free to check and share any of my work you might find value in. Much Care, Ron

P.S. The Belief in Money, and Belief in Belief keeps the population enslaved enslavers of itself. Divided into fractions and factions of materialism, greed, fear, and insanity. What a shame, this mess. Life is much more profound than the normalized deception lets on, it starts and ends inside you, inside me, inside all Living Beings. Feel, Know, Grow, and spread Life giving Truth...or continue on the Dark Path Illuminated only by shared and accepted ignorance. Tree of Knowledge- Consciousness/ Reason/ Brain : Tree of Life- Empathy/ Feeling/ Heart... Combine the messages of the two into one resonance of Wisdom in the present moment, all the time-Equilibrium

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