July 4th Message

#IndependenceDay -the physical manifestation of the psychosis known as "Stockholm Syndrome" in the form of celebration. (my own current definition is much different than the one I was indoctrinated with) #Morality = #Freedom Just talking a bit about the state of in-dependence we currently live in. Also a bit about the massive amount of belief deception, addiction, and Psyops that maintain a state of base Consciousness instead of Higher Conscience. Past, present, future, time, space, reality, morality, physical, metaphysical, trauma, thought, emotion, action, behavior, and the rest can all be reflected on until understood and brought into alignment within. Morality and Repentance are the "shortcut" into ones own state of "higher self", Heart Consciousness, Soul, "rebirth", and/or reconnection. Perceive it as you will, the labels are unimportant, and not to be used as a tool for indoctrination (which has, and is, being done to perpetuate our collective slavery) To change things, simply change. Realize that simple change can take a lot of effort and willpower. It is worth every bit and more. Thank you for listening, feel free to share.

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