Journey to Care - A True Story

*Caution: Contains instances of explicit language, as this was all direct and unfiltered communication between us based on our past experiences and traumas. Open communication is necessary to heal in the present, to live a better future. I hope what is said can truly be heard and felt... as this story is involves us all.

My life was nothing as I believed it to be for 39 years (I am now 43). During my healing process I have come to realize, understand, correct, gain control, and convey many things I grew up being partially or fully oblivious to. Among these things were my own thoughts, emotions, feelings, logic, creativity, reason, behaviors, and actions... not to mention understanding the how and why of the "life" I lived, and how the world was truly set up and working for far longer than I have been alive.

My wife (Rachael) and son (Ron) have come to their own realizations, gone through their own reconciliations, and have made it through their own "night to Day" Journey.

After 3 long years of trying and waiting, my younger son (Damien, 20) has decided to stop, come home, open up, and make True change for himself in this life. We have warned him that the process is work, it can be extremely stressful on the energy of the body and mind, but absolutely worth the amazing Spiritual and Soul growth that comes from it.

The words contained within are spoken not just from mind, but from heart and soul of each. The words, when heard by those still under false assumptions, beliefs and spells, can cause an emotional "triggered" state within. If that happens, please take note of what it was, and search for the truth in it... I could be wrong, or the listener could be, please know for sure for yourself.

I started recording these conversations in the hope that we would be able to help guide my son through this very real process of inner evolution at a much faster rate than we were able to achieve.
After less than 2 weeks, he has gotten through, and is getting through, things that took me so much longer.
I feel as if my family is just now truly getting a chance to know each other,... typing that, just brought a couple deep tears...

I hope others might be able to hear something here that help them, and/or help them with their own family, friends, and getting through.

Things discussed, to whatever degree, include: Conscience, Consciousness, Health (physical and mental), Psychology, Physiology, Philosophy, Behavior, Plant Based Diet, Herbal Medicine, Health Care, Government, Religion, War, Materialism, Spirituality, Narcissism, Education, Vaccines, Programming, Energy, Frequency, Vibration, Alchemy, Symbolism, Reality, Truth, Creation, Creator, and other things. The goal is help with the gaining of the "big picture" outside, and the interrelated "deep picture" inside.

This sharing is simply an attempt to help. There was no other agenda in my heart as I spoke the words I spoke here, to my son (Damien). The same holds true for my wife and son (Ron). Please keep that in mind if any of these spoken words make you (whomever the listener is) think or feel otherwise.

We can all heal ourselves, and this world, we need only to fully realize it.

Thank you for listening/ reading. Feel free to share.

From our family to yours,

p.s.- At one point in this, I say "Kale" in reference to the natural iodine needed by the body, I meant "Kelp" (wrong K word, sorry). Hopefully I didn't misspeak too much more than that.

Also, at the very end of this, is a compilation of pictures from past to present of our faces. This was to hopefully show, very vividly, the drastic change we went through... we all agree that looking back on ourselves, is like looking back at the life of someone (something) else, and we will never be that again.

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