Friend Kidnapped, Held for Ransom

A family friend stopped for gas at 2am in Hinesville, GA. Four police (Pole-Ice) officers were hanging around at the same gas station already. He got gas, they followed, and fed him to their Masters. He had less than 1 gram of Cannabis in his pocket...a Plant that Cures Cancer (I know this, I cured mine with it, as have many others). When will we realize that we are not each others enemies, controllers, slaves, or masters? The indoctrinated and costumed psyche of the individual is the enemy, of that individual... and it's what allows the costumed individual to be used as an enemy against the population. I only ever have one underlying message of Empathy, Heart, and Care to be fully integrated back into the fractured psyches of the still enspelled. We are all Sovereign, most only falsely believe differently... because they (as was I) were labeled, injected, and trained to be Slaves from Birth.

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