Enslaving Spell of Deception

The Enslaving Spell of Deception has been broken for a while now. We are just waiting for the rest to fully "wake up" to the Truth that was hidden from them, in them. Still looking at "their" programming and divisive Consciousness enslaving nonsense? I would suggest stopping immediately, your belief in their presentation of reality is how they make you perpetuate your own enslavement as "normal". Look into the mirror, into yourself, until You Truly See You, and what this is, and the Darkness that has taken Deep Root...in All of it, and us... Can't See It Until You Try. Can't Fix It if You don't Know It. You have been made to Fear and become Apathetic to Darkness, especially Your Own. Only You Can Transmute Your Darkness to Light. It is Your Responsibility, no one can expend the Internal Energy for You, to get You to Know You. You are not a Label, You are Energy at Your Core. You are the Only Being That Can Develop Your Consciousness and Empathy out of Enslaving Suppression. Find Truth in Knowing. Find Wisdom in Feeling. Do GREAT WORK in this World by spreading Truth to those that still Believe the Lies of Others. In the meantime, stop adding to the problem by propagating the incorrect and immoral belief based nonsense that has The Masses Acting like Insane Children. We have to make this place Better For Our Children. Don't be the Last Fool on the Game board, Everyone in Living Truth Sees All the Costumes in same Light...Your costumes are going to become very embarrassing when you realize that We aren't playing Dress Up anymore. We who have distilled the Wisdom of Truth, have Evolved in Mind, Body, and Spirit and Will End this Society's Slavery with Words Alone. Some are just slower Realize, it matters Not. Much Care Folks, it's a Journey...

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