Know, Feel & Live Truth

I am so tired of this ridiculous, childish, evil, system of mind controlling and controlled Slaves and Enslavers. When the Individuals making up these Systems decide to Truly become Adults in Mind, Body, and Spirit, and Feel it all, they will stop being controlled Children. It took me 39 years.…continue reading →

Society of Energetic Vampires

Seems to me that more folks would be quickly reconsidering their definition of Natural by now. Maybe more are and I just can't feel it... Hope so. There is no such thing as authority, I don't care what piece of paper or story it comes from, not "man's authority over…continue reading →

Enslaving Spell of Deception

The Enslaving Spell of Deception has been broken for a while now. We are just waiting for the rest to fully "wake up" to the Truth that was hidden from them, in them. Still looking at "their" programming and divisive Consciousness enslaving nonsense? I would suggest stopping immediately, your belief…continue reading →