ABC (feat. Lux) (Music Video)

Beat produced by ShinoX Mker
This was difficult at moments to put together, everything was good until I brought the music to the words, and me and Bri both cried within seconds. Tears of Joy and Happiness. It was beautiful.
I absolutely love making music, and am very happy to share this experience with my son. Thanks to all who take the time to listen, feel free to share.

Nowadaze (Music Video)

Beat produced by ONE

Inward to Answers

This is a combination of a song called -Answers (feb 2020) by my son Ron, and some words from one of my past videos called -A Plea to Rise...(sept 2018)
Link to Answers on Ron's Reconciliation YouTube channel

Good Day

Small talk on my way home from slavery, I wish everyone a great day today, and everyday, in hopes someday the paradigm of living will change for all of us.

Peace of Mind (Audio)

Beat produced by Unknown Instrumentalz

Rhymes of Reason

This is a compilation of some of the work my son Ron has put out. I edited video pieces from the past couple of years to show more of the man behind the music. He spends the majority of his days working very hard (laying, repairing, and sealing asphalt) to provide for his wife and son.

Internal Revolution (Music Video)

Beat produced by Sedivi

Where To Go From Here

Beat produced by ILLY

The Key (Audio)

Beat produced by Sedivi

Mass Awareness Required

For us to cease our collective self destruction, mass awareness must be gained by most, if not all.
Thanks for listening, feel free to share.