Slightly edited (shortened) audio from an old video, set to images of multiple past videos.I hope something […]
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Please know that the words I sat, wrote, and spoke are my own, the imagery is from […]
Beat produced by Unknown Instrumentalz
A condensed version of last years message.
If you listen, please know that I am neither suicidal, nor a threat. The language I used […]
This is a compilation of some of the work my son Ron has put out. I edited […]
sections from:A Path to Health • Body, Mind, SpiritAss -A Shitty SystemCannabis Oil Tutorial (A Grand Cure […]
Only the listener can decide if there is anything epic about what is spoken here, as I […]
sections from:All I Can SayHow Long?Novel Corona VirusScientismReality Exposed, Quotes and CommentaryTemple ExplorationThe Secret Of Secrets 20200319 […]