My language here is strewn with expletives, a bit like I used to speak while in the […]
Beat produced by ShinoX MkerThis was difficult at moments to put together, everything was good until I […]
Greetings to whoever may be reading this! If this is your first time visiting, feel free to […]
Words of yesteryear and months past from the videos; “Enough is Enough”, “Where Are We, What’s Happening, […]
this is me speaking about a lot things I see and feel, with no mask of any […]
This is a combination of a song called -Answers (feb 2020) by my son Ron, and some […]
Small talk on my way home from slavery, I wish everyone a great day today, and everyday, […]
The audio here is edited portions of two past videos (3 Lies, 2 Choices, 1 Outcome, and […]