My language here is strewn with expletives, a bit like I used to speak while in the military, and could sound offensive to some. The reason is due to an awareness of the amount of harm being purposefully orchestrated, induced, and acted on by mass numbers of men and women...and the inability to convey the vast simplicity of it to help each stop it. thank you for listening, considering, sharing

ABC (feat. Lux) (Music Video)

Beat produced by ShinoX Mker
This was difficult at moments to put together, everything was good until I brought the music to the words, and me and Bri both cried within seconds. Tears of Joy and Happiness. It was beautiful.
I absolutely love making music, and am very happy to share this experience with my son. Thanks to all who take the time to listen, feel free to share.

New & Improved!

Greetings to whoever may be reading this! If this is your first time visiting, feel free to click around and check out the content, for returning visitors, you may have noticed that E1337 looks a lot different now. I have decided to go the route of installing a CMS (Content Management System) versus developing the architecture myself (like I was previously doing)

Why you may ask?

Well, first and foremost, My life is pretty full, I have a family including 2 children, that I also provide for. When I first started E1337 in 2017, I had intentions of growing it into something large that could change the world in a huge way, as the years have gone on, my vision and idea of E1337 has changed and morphed into a more personal name/brand/website that will continue to function as it currently has, except more user friendly, better looking, and it will require less time for me to get done what I need to get done on E1337 so that I can spend more time focusing on other projects and tasks. Essentially, E1337 will become a hub for all of my future projects.

At the time of posting this, the theme is completely bare, I have not designed anything yet, You may notice me re adding all of the video and text content that was on the old version, there is a lot of content to copy over. I also have to redo the Directory, About, and Donation pages. I also plan to setup a page where you can stream and download my music.

Anyways, it's late where I am at, so I am going to leave this short. I hope everyone had a great week.

Take care!

UPDATE 1: BitChute is causing the website to load slowly, I am currently trying to work this out to make E1337 load much more quickly. Please bare with me during this period. The only pages effected by this are the pages that contain videos, which is currently only the Home page.

UPDATE 2: So to fix the issue with BitChute causing the website to load slowly, I had to remove all of the embeded videos from being displayed on the same page (the home page). Now, each of the videos are located in the post they were attached to, you just have to click in to them now, on the titles or on the "continue reading..." button.
With that being said, the website is extremely snappy now. Yay!
I have also added in the Directory page, it is not as fancy as it used to look, but all the files are there, and it's now easy for me to add more very quickly without a whole lotta messin' around.
I am currently finishing up adding all the content and associating it with all of the taxonomy and categorization.
Once this is finished, I am hoping to setup a small forum/community that registered users can interact and engage on. Somewhere to chat with like minded folks and share valuable information with each other without fear of censorship. There is more to this to come.

The Great Reset, Repeat, Rerun

Words of yesteryear and months past from the videos; "Enough is Enough", "Where Are We, What's Happening, What's Coming", and "to whom it may concern". Imagery from multiple other past videos on this channel.

While this video is a repeat, and rerun of past combined content, I feel it is very relevant to the ongoing collapse, reordering, and physical, psychological, chemical, biological, electromagnetic, and Spiritual warfare operations currently happening across the world. It is up to each to become aware, and with enough awareness the harm can stop with simple nonviolent, non-participation, and clear communication...though I realize that communication requires an open mind and heart of the one that hears, and many are far from that ability. Those are the most lost (as I was for decades), and I wish for their mind and heart to come to recognize at least a glimpse of the light of life within them for their sake, and the sake of all being harmed due to the regretful actions they unthinkingly carry out.

May each find them self within, and the most High throughout. Much care to you that happen to find this; please look into things for yourself, as I only have the answers I think and feel I have, and I very well could be wrong on some things. Thank you for listening/ reading. Please feel free to share

i don't know

to whom it may concern

this is me speaking about a lot things I see and feel, with no mask of any kind, for any that want to hear

Nowadaze (Music Video)

Beat produced by ONE

Inward to Answers

This is a combination of a song called -Answers (feb 2020) by my son Ron, and some words from one of my past videos called -A Plea to Rise...(sept 2018)
Link to Answers on Ron's Reconciliation YouTube channel

Good Day

Small talk on my way home from slavery, I wish everyone a great day today, and everyday, in hopes someday the paradigm of living will change for all of us.

Please Remember

The audio here is edited portions of two past videos (3 Lies, 2 Choices, 1 Outcome, and 43 Years- What I Know Now), the video is from multiple other past videos.
thank you for listening, feel free to share