E1337 (E-Leet) is a name, ultimately, but secondly, E1337 is the central location & hub for all of my projects. I like to create digital content, ranging from lectures & documentaries, to software and music. When I first purchased the domain name e1337.world in December 2017, I had no idea what I was going to do with this, or what it was supposed to become. I felt I needed to do something with the realizations I was having at the time.

Over the years, it has served as a location for my content, slowly but surely becoming more and more user friendly, as the image of E1337 became more clear in my mind.

You’re probably wondering… Who Am I?

My name is Ronald LaPlante. This was the name given to me by my parents. I prefer to go by Ron for short.

I am a Living, Breathing, Man, Husband, Father.
I am a Son, of God, and of my Mothers & Fathers before me.

My Story

I am a 24 year old male, born in Texas, raised in Georgia, though my family was affiliated with the Military during my youth, so I was subjected to many moves all over the country during my upbringing, leaving behind friends and family was a common thing.

When I was young, and then throughout my life into adulthood, I was always very passionate about technology. It did not matter which aspect. Computers, radios, phones, lights, electricity, video games, software, hardware, all of it. I loved it. I took very strongly to the digital world growing up. For various long periods of time, it was the only thing I invested my energy in, and in it, I had gained an extensive amount of skills and knowledge.

But there was something I did not gain for roughly 20 years.

For the major part of my life, I was not alive, conscious, aware, or present. I was a mere fragment of these things.
What does this mean?

Prior to what I would call my “Awakening“, if someone were to have asked me “Ron, who are you?”, I would not have been able to define myself as anything other than what was given to me by others. A name, a country, a label, a race, financial and educational class, which political party I chose, what movies I like, etc.

I never took any time to consider myself as anything more than these things, and nothing ever made it clear for me that I was anything otherwise. I was not taught about anything relating to metaphysics in public school. Nothing about God or Spirituality. There was no importance here. I kept asking myself, Why… and How!?

How was this thing, that was with me my entire life, and played a role in each and every moment of my existence, so invisible and foreign to me for so long, and why are so many unaware of it and it’s workings?

I realized there was something severely wrong with my life, and the world that I help manifest, as I begin to understand just what manifesting was, why it is important, and why the mass population around the world is essentially switched off, and unaware of their own potential to manifest change in their environment.

My Intent

I have been able to conclude for many reasons that many folks lack foundational understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Understanding that could tie together ones entire existence into a unified and collected picture inside, understanding that can create peace in the midst of chaos, and security during uncertainty, Understand to Innerstand.

The intent behind my actions is very simple. I have found value in highlighting this same energy that was suppressed in me, and presenting it in my own digestible and collected way, with the hopes and wishes that it may help save others in a similar way that I was saved, so that maybe, we can all reach a state of Balance & Unification, inside & out, shall that be the will of the Most High.

Is it wrong of me to think that we can achieve world peace under the laws God has set here?