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Geoengineering - Weather Modification and Manipulation Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) April, 02 2019 - 05:12:37 PM

Temperatures put out by network sources are often incorrect and manipulated to make folks think things are "normal"... as is done with most information, in most mediums, in most media.

SOULPRESSED: The Deeper Truth About Vaccines | Teaser Trailer Ron's Reconciliation (e5c6dc6a5a2307) March, 25 2019 - 07:14:45 PM

This is the teaser trailer of the documentary I am working on. Currently there is no ETA as to when it will be finished, I am taking my time with the research and editing to put this out with my 100% effort put into it. This will be FREE to VIEW, SHARE, AND MIRROR.

The Blind Trust - Why Can't They See? Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) March, 24 2019 - 04:14:41 PM

This is a podcast style video as I simply recorded the sky above me as I talk. These are the statements I start with. It goes to Feeling and Knowing what some of these very real issues are.

Message in Matthew "Mandela Effect"? Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) March, 20 2019 - 01:49:50 PM

Verily, I say there is.

If I had the chance for one message, what would I say? Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) March, 16 2019 - 09:12:53 AM

If you were suddenly given a chance to speak a message to the entire World, what would you say? Could enough be said clearly in a short time to bring real change? I wanted to start to recording to give it a try.

Ram Vs Goat - Book of Daniel 8:3-9 (Inner Parable) Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) March, 14 2019 - 08:30:38 PM

In this, I will attempt to relay a relatable experience of Heart overcoming Mind, and the Divine Soul that springs from that Inner Work. ... Now that I am done, there are a lot of things I could have said, and likely have have in my previous videos. The overall message I hoped to convey here is the Moral Core of Ones own Infine spark of Divine Soul Energy is found within, and cultivated with the Knowledge of Morality (Natural Law). That is "Awakening".

A Preemptive Message - My Best Advice Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) March, 09 2019 - 06:55:39 PM

-Picks up fast, and goes deep. -The Path to the Way? -Actors playing "End Times" story time?... -5 W's of Soul. -Teachings that are Moral vs Immoral at there Core, and their effect on the Core of the Man, Woman, Child. Please Consider, Care, and Share if you Feel this.

WTF - Late Night Talk Ron's Reconciliation (e5c6dc6a5a2307) March, 06 2019 - 10:55:50 PM

Just some words that have been bouncing around in my head that will do more good being out and public.

Vaccine Anti Propaganda Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) March, 06 2019 - 10:53:56 PM

If you only have belief one way or the other on Vaccines, please listen. If you think Vaccines are meant to improve health, please listen. If you think anyone has the "right" to produce and distribute poison, please hear this. (Please don't be "triggered" into ignoring what needs to be Known, to protect a destructive taught beLIEf.) Much Care Please Share

Cat Video with Message Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) March, 03 2019 - 05:52:05 PM

When will Truth "trend", and Morality go "viral"?... Rhetorical question, anyway... Sharing some thoughts and feelings on these cats, their, nature, our nature, and related topics. Feel free to mirror/ share/ reupload. Much Care