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Mass Awareness Required Ron's Reconciliation (e5c6dc6a5a2307) April, 27 2020 - 10:31:08 AM

For us to cease our collective self destruction, mass awareness must be gained by most, if not all. Thanks for listening, feel free to share.

All I Can Say Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) April, 14 2020 - 09:21:01 AM

#Immediate #Attention #Requested Consent revoked Thank you, feel free to share

Hearts may fail. 1 move to checkmate? Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) April, 10 2020 - 01:29:41 PM

If we are one move away from checkmate, can we still win? I feel we can, though the deep and widespread acceptance of some very ugly truths will happen quickly within each for it to happen; and on accordingly, without malice.

Good Friday, NYC Burial Ritual Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) April, 10 2020 - 12:14:21 PM

This is something I felt I had to say in timely manner. Please feel free to share, mirror, post, and/or repost anything you find value in on or in the videos posted on this channel. Thank you to all those that are truly helping others.

COVID, 5G, Health, What do we do? Ron's Reconciliation (e5c6dc6a5a2307) April, 09 2020 - 01:08:11 PM

Livestreamed on April 9th, 2020