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3 Lies, 2 Choices, 1 Outcome Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) September, 08 2019 - 12:52:58 PM

Please find the deep inner/interconnected layers within, and unify into balanced individualized equilibrium of body, mind, Heart, Soul...the metaphysical in the physical present, moment by moment. Thank you for listening. Feel free to share.

Unnatural Sounds and Happenings Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) September, 08 2019 - 10:20:12 AM

If you know, please inform those that don't. Harmful and immoral conduct can only be stopped by those committing the acts themselves. I, for one, do not consent.

Out of Words Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) September, 03 2019 - 07:19:22 AM

A poem about us and them, about you and I, about what it has all been about all along. (as deeply as I can convey anyway, I hope it can felt to a similar depth in whomever may listen) Thank you for listening, feel free to share.

Oh Snap! Do you SEE this? Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) August, 29 2019 - 08:22:11 AM

Can you see what you are looking at, for what it is? Do you know the what and why of what has happened, and what's happening? Do you know how to heal from it, and why it all has to be stopped now? Thank you for caring. Feel free to share. On Vaccines On Awakening On Healing

Nature, Not Hocus Pocus Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) August, 27 2019 - 10:51:19 AM

this...Luna Moth, No Curve, Pillars of Consciousness, Conscience of Heart and Soul, Psychology, Physiology, Philosophy, Big Picture, Deep Picture, Interconnected healing picture?... just felt like talking.