New & Improved!

Greetings to whoever may be reading this! If this is your first time visiting, feel free to click around and check out the content, for returning visitors, you may have noticed that E1337 looks a lot different now. I have decided to go the route of installing a CMS (Content Management System) versus developing the architecture myself (like I was previously doing)

Why you may ask?

Well, first and foremost, My life is pretty full, I have a family including 2 children, that I also provide for. When I first started E1337 in 2017, I had intentions of growing it into something large that could change the world in a huge way, as the years have gone on, my vision and idea of E1337 has changed and morphed into a more personal name/brand/website that will continue to function as it currently has, except more user friendly, better looking, and it will require less time for me to get done what I need to get done on E1337 so that I can spend more time focusing on other projects and tasks. Essentially, E1337 will become a hub for all of my future projects.

At the time of posting this, the theme is completely bare, I have not designed anything yet, You may notice me re adding all of the video and text content that was on the old version, there is a lot of content to copy over. I also have to redo the Directory, About, and Donation pages. I also plan to setup a page where you can stream and download my music.

Anyways, it’s late where I am at, so I am going to leave this short. I hope everyone had a great week.

Take care!

11-16 Upside Down and Backward is what?

It’s a thought I had earlier today. I thought hmmm…that’s 9111. So I had some thoughts to share about the towers, and buildings 5,6, and 7. I feel like this should be considered so we can all regain our senses and stop creating a literal “Hell on Earth”. Feel free to share. We have to stop being used to destroy ourselves, and each other. Here is that link I mentioned (*Again, I know nothing about the site or author. It was something I came across, screenshot, and used in this video.)

Friend Kidnapped, Held for Ransom

A family friend stopped for gas at 2am in Hinesville, GA. Four police (Pole-Ice) officers were hanging around at the same gas station already. He got gas, they followed, and fed him to their Masters. He had less than 1 gram of Cannabis in his pocket…a Plant that Cures Cancer (I know this, I cured mine with it, as have many others). When will we realize that we are not each others enemies, controllers, slaves, or masters? The indoctrinated and costumed psyche of the individual is the enemy, of that individual… and it’s what allows the costumed individual to be used as an enemy against the population. I only ever have one underlying message of Empathy, Heart, and Care to be fully integrated back into the fractured psyches of the still enspelled. We are all Sovereign, most only falsely believe differently… because they (as was I) were labeled, injected, and trained to be Slaves from Birth.

The Voting Devotional

A thought I had that I figured I would explore as it comes. I don’t know where I may end up as I speak, but it will merely be my own thoughts, feelings, and perspective being shared. Be aware, I will likely talk about intertwined beliefs of control from a physical/meta-physical (or Mind, Body, Soul) standpoint. I have no planned speech or presentation, so who knows. My intent is not to attack, confuse, misdirect, or gain. I only try to find the right combination of words to help.

Judgment Call

Words of Judgment, are not mine to write. As I wielded the Sword, before I Knew the Light. When I did Feel, what I had Seen… I saw all were fighting for Others Greed. A vast system, of Mind Control… Built on taught beLIEfs from disconnected Souls. To blindly beLIEve, but not Truly Know, will not allow the Soul to grow. Conscious Consciousness, Reason, Care… That is where Souls Brilliance Flares! One Mind, One Body, One Soul, One Heart. Yours Alone, to set You apart. Deceptive Language controls the “herd”, every False beLIEf is a “Trigger Word”. Race…Religion…Government Division, taught by “academics” with Programmed Visions. This is the Reality, I can clearly See. Suppression of Consciousness, to control You and Me. I will not judge those still enspelled, as I once existed, in that same Hell. I can only try, as my small part. To help those cut off, regain their Heart. From the Heart, resonates the Soul. They must connect for You to Know. You cannot Know, until You Feel. That is how to Truly Heal. A painful process, to Know ThySelf… worth an Infinite amount of Spiritual wealth. When we won’t be sold, won’t be bought, we will weep over reasons fought. When we won’t be Fooled, won’t be Ruled, we will all start growing our own food. Plenty for All, when do Care. Makes it obvious, who’s Soul is bare. For in that Soul, blooms no Tree… but a black hole, of Vampiric Energy. Hear Ye All, this “Judgement Call”. You Judge You, and Save Us All. Feel Ye All, this “Judgement Call”. As Rome and Babylon again will Fall. Moral Truth, is the Key Inside. Feeling Rights and Wrongs of Past gone by. With True Reason, Fully Gained, refuse to play the Slavery Games. Do not Judge, those that Play. We were tricked from Birth…that very day. Do not fight their Unconscious Walls, simply point them to this “Judgment Call”.

Grand Solar Minimum or Global Warming? Something else.

Northern Michigan, 33 degree Ambient temp, supposedly rising for a few more hours to 36 degrees. These chemical compounds work by endothermiclly drawing in surrounding heat as it gets colder. This is what allows “snow”, “hail”, and giant destructive hail to be formed Unnaturally, quickly, and in target areas of choice. (How many fields of crops have been destroyed by “freak” hail in all countries last year?… I don’t know either, but a lot.)

The Fall… Does This Reasoning Follow?

These are pictures from today for a comparison to what it looked like just 6 days ago (The earlier Fall video). To me, the Unnaturally created weather is all too obvious, in it’s many varied forms. I forgot to mention, we had the first bit of chemical “snow flakes and balls” yesterday too…and of course the ambient temperature was ABOVE freezing. I was too disgusted to take a picture of that yesterday. So…here we are. Though I always keep in mind and heart that I could be wrong. Take Care Folks Stay/Get Healthy in Mind, Body, and Soul

We Have All Been Deceived

Until you are fully aware of your own energies and how they work, you do not know what it truly means to be alive. We are a programmable species, able to be manipulated. This occulted (hidden & suppressed) knowledge of self has been well discovered, used, and considered throughout history. It has been used to manifest the current conditions of humanity. Only when we all realize our own suffering and the root problems of it, can we truly address and fix it. Understand Natural Law, the only true immutable law that governs us all inside out. We are here to save ourselves, there is no outside savior.