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Internal Revolution (Music Video) Ron's Reconciliation (e5c6dc6a5a2307) June, 21 2020 - 10:01:15 AM

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Tick Tock Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) June, 07 2020 - 02:38:55 PM

Something I jotted down real quick, read, and put a few images to.

Of Mouse and Man Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) June, 05 2020 - 11:42:10 AM

This is due to a death I caused, though it is much more about the interrelated issues currently playing out. Thank you for listening. Feel free to share.

Ron - Where To Go From Here Ron's Reconciliation (e5c6dc6a5a2307) May, 25 2020 - 01:07:18 PM

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Exercise Control - The Key Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) May, 22 2020 - 02:17:58 PM

I wanted to add some free flowing exercise as I listened to my son's latest song. My intent was to simply to move in an unstructured way while maintaining the inner control and awareness not to let my movement translate fully into a physical strike. Self-control and self-mastery can stop the externalization of control and mastery being exerted on lives that are NOT ones own to control, nor master... just a thought. During the movement, there were no imagined enemies or conflict playing in my mind, and there was a feeling of calm balance in heart. Exercise of mind, body, and spirit is the journey of learning, growing, knowing, and knowing what one can not ultimately know, from the inside- out...in my humble opinion. Much Care