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Rhymes of Reason Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) June, 29 2020 - 03:53:04 PM

This is a compilation of some of the work my son Ron has put out. I edited video pieces from the past couple of years to show more of the man behind the music. He spends the majority of his days working very hard (laying, repairing, and sealing asphalt) to provide for his wife and son. Though he would not ask for support, I would like to leave a link he set up a while back in case any were so inclined. If any are of the mind and means to donate financially, and would like to support, I thank you kindly for the help it would provide him. Donation Link: e1337.world/donate

Random Reflections #3 (Health) Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) June, 28 2020 - 07:01:19 AM
Epic Rant Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) June, 27 2020 - 01:43:09 PM

Only the listener can decide if there is anything epic about what is spoken here, as I do not claim it to be so. The reason I titled this Epic Rant is because after I edited a 7 minute bit of venting I did the other day down to less than 3, I realized what I was left with was a very condensed version of what I have spent so many hours trying to explain the depth of in many videos... in my own limited way. I thank any and all for listening, considering, or sharing.

Random Reflections #2 Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) June, 26 2020 - 10:25:30 AM
Random Reflections #1 Ron's Reconnaissance (e5b9d7ba01e64e) June, 25 2020 - 12:11:43 PM